The Richest People in Romania: From Business Tycoons to Innovators

Romania, with its rich history, scenic landscapes, and emerging economy, has produced a roster of individuals who’ve amassed significant wealth through various endeavors. From real estate to technology, these business magnates have left an indelible mark on both the Romanian economy and its global image. This article sheds light on some of the richest individuals in Romania, their business ventures, and their contributions to the nation’s economic growth.

1. Ion Țiriac:

  • Profile: Born in 1939, Ion Țiriac is a former professional tennis and ice hockey player. However, his wealth didn’t come from sports but from his diversified businesses.
  • Business Interests: Țiriac’s empire includes ventures in real estate, automotive, financial services, and more. The Țiriac Group encompasses various enterprises, including Țiriac Auto and Țiriac Bank.
  • Achievements: Besides being the first Romanian to enter the Forbes billionaires list, Țiriac is known for his philanthropic activities, notably through the Țiriac Foundation.

2. Dan Petrescu:

  • Profile: Petrescu is a key player in the Romanian real estate market, with significant holdings across the country.
  • Business Interests: His wealth is largely attributed to his real estate company, Globalworth, which has grown into one of the leading office space providers in Romania and the broader Central and Eastern European region.

3. Zoltan Teszari:

  • Profile: Born in Oradea, Teszari is known for his significant contributions to the Romanian telecommunications sector.
  • Business Interests: He’s the main shareholder of RCS & RDS (or Digi Communications N.V.), one of the largest telecommunications operators in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Achievements: Digi Communications has been instrumental in providing internet, cable TV, and mobile services to millions of Romanians, and its influence extends to other countries in the region.

4. Dragos and Adrian Paval:

  • Profile: These brothers co-founded Dedeman, Romania’s leading DIY retail chain.
  • Business Interests: Dedeman has expanded rapidly since its inception, with scores of stores spread across Romania and other neighboring countries.
  • Achievements: The Pavals, through Dedeman, have greatly contributed to the Romanian retail sector’s growth and have also delved into real estate with significant investments.

5. Gabriel Comănescu:

  • Profile: Comănescu’s fortune is rooted in the oil and maritime sectors.
  • Business Interests: He is the founder and owner of GSP Offshore, a company specialized in oil drilling, maritime construction, and other related services.
  • Achievements: His company plays a significant role in Romania’s oil sector, with operations that have expanded to other parts of the world.


Romania’s rich have diversified their investments, tapping into various sectors of the economy, from traditional industries like real estate and oil to emerging ones like telecommunications. Their journey offers insights into Romania’s economic evolution and how individual ambition, combined with strategic thinking, can lead to massive success. Moreover, many of these individuals are not only known for their business acumen but also their philanthropic endeavors, reflecting their commitment to the Romanian society.

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