Banca Transilvania Elevates Interest Rates, Offering Market-Leading Returns

In a strategic move to bolster its deposit offerings, Banca Transilvania (BT) has announced a significant increment in interest rates on its savings products for both individuals and legal entities. With an 8.5% interest on a 36-month deposit, BT now showcases the highest interest rate in its portfolio, reflecting a promising outlook for savers.

A Surge in Interest Rates:

Banca Transilvania’s decision to raise the interest rates marks the sixth such increase since February. The upswing has been across the board, with rates rising by up to 2% on various term deposits in RON and foreign currency. The 24- and 36-month term deposits have been spotlighted as the star performers, boasting a lucrative 7.75% and 8.5% interest rate, respectively. Notably, the interest is disbursed annually on the deposit’s anniversary, further sweetening the deal for depositors.

Note: All detailed information can be found on the official website of Banca Transilvansa

A Comprehensive Look at the New Rates:

For individual depositors, the revised interest rates (with increments mentioned) are as follows:

Term Deposits in Lei (RON):

  • 1 month: 5.75% (+0.5%)
  • 3 months: 6.50% (+0.5%)
  • 6 months: 7% (+0.75%)
  • 12 months: 7.25% (+0.5%)
  • 24 months: 7.75% (+0.25%)
  • 36 months: 8.5% (+0.5%)

BT has also revised the interest rate for KidCONT, a savings initiative for children, offering 6.5% for a 12-month term following a 0.5% increase.

Forward Deposits in Euros (EUR):

  • 1 month to 36 months: Ranging from 0.35% to 2.5% with varying increments.

Term Deposits in Dollars (USD):

  • 1 month to 12 months: Ranging from 2% to 3.5% with varying increments.

For legal entities, the interest rate matrix echoes that of individual rates, with the pinnacle being the 8.5% interest on a 36-month deposit in Lei.

Note: All information is taken from the official source

Positioning in the Market:

These latest offerings from BT signify not just a response to market dynamics but also a proactive approach to wooing depositors. By providing competitive rates, especially in a landscape of global low-yield environments, BT is ensuring its positioning as a preferred banking partner for both individual and institutional depositors in Romania.


Banca Transilvania’s recalibrated interest rates highlight its commitment to offering unmatched value to its clientele. By ensuring attractive returns on deposits, BT is not only fortifying its deposit base but also strengthening its reputation as a market leader in the Romanian banking sector. For those scouting for robust savings avenues, Banca Transilvania’s offerings present an enticing proposition.

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